Course curriculum

    1. KeyCode Transmission - The Wild Child, your Access point to Limitlessness

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Shamanic rebirthing Ritual (Audio)

    3. Wild Woman Workbook

    1. Keycode Transmission - Chaos as the Pathway to Power

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Emotional Alchemy Practice (Video)

    3. Embodiment Ritual - Emotional Alchemy Practice (Audio)

    1. Vocal Activation

    1. KeyCode Transmission - Secure Relating + Surrendered Service

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Erotic Movement

    1. KeyCode Transmission - Accessing Love through the portal of Freedom

    1. KeyCode Transmission - Sexuality as the portal to Power

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Sex Magic for Manifestation (Audio)

About this course

  • £666.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

“I’ve discovered so much inner love, become a more present parent, felt more playful, and experienced more abundance with the humans I serve by being myself. ”

Jaya Jankert

“I feel freedom in my business life and have many new clients. Now, I have a better relationship to my husband and feel closer to him. Inside Wildly Sexy, I opened up to a deep sensitivity and feel more vibrant and alive!”

Lisbeth Hauge

“My partner and I have better communication. We are more harmonious. I have more pleasure, sensitivity, presence, and enjoyment during sex. I feel more connected to spirit. I felt I had more intuition for my own needs listening within when making decisions. I feel more creative and have rekindled my interest in magic again. I have a clearer vision of my life purpose. ”

Amy Louise

Your Teacher

Sophia Le Page

Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach | Rebel Queen

Sophia is a Rebel Queen & Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach. She has dedicated the past 4 years to helping women around the world release Good Girl Guilt, recover from burnout, reclaim pleasure, revive their feminine radiance + create sustainable success as they rise into the next level of their Leadership. In her 30s, after burnout + a messy divorce, Sophia broke free from Good Girl programming, ignited her feminine magnetism + began leading herself from a place of desire. She traveled with Shamans, sat with Gurus, studied the Esoteric + Tantric Arts, + now lives in Bali, with her 2nd husband + 2 cat babies.