Course curriculum

    1. Class #1 Frida Kahlo (Mexican Artist) - Be broken open by beauty. Let go of the fear of pain so you can fully live

    2. Class #2 Veronica Franco (Courtesan + Poetess) - Embody your soft power. Anchor the subtle artistry of Feminine invitation

    3. Class #3 Dita Von Tesse (Burlesque Queen) - Embrace your mysterious Feminine Essence. Let go of the need to be understood & allow your magnetic presence to be FELT

    4. Class #4 Coco Chanel (Fashion Designer) - Stand in your uniqueness as a woman. Release yourself from fitting in with the crowd + be liberated as a woman who turns heads

About this course

  • £55.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Your Teacher

Sophia Le Page

Master Practitioner of NLP + Time Line Therapy® | Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach

Sophia is a Rebel Queen, NLP + TimeLine Therapy® Master Practitioner & Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach. She has dedicated the past 4 years to helping women around the world let go of what’s been holding them back, embody their Juicy Feminine Sensuality & claim the lives of their wildest dreams.   In her 30s, after burnout & a messy divorce, Sophia broke free from Good Girl programming, ignited her Feminine Magnetism & began leading herself from a place of desire. She traveled with Shamans, sat with Gurus & studied the Esoteric & Tantric Arts. Her 40s have been the juiciest yet, having married her Beloved in Bali, they now live in Austin, TX as life just gets better & better!