Course curriculum

    1. KeyCode Transmission - Discipline vs Devotion

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Erotic Movement

    3. Feminine Artistry+Abundance Workbook

    1. Keycode Transmission - Erotic Artistry

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Embodied Expression Dance Practice (Video)

    3. Embodiment Ritual - Embodied Expression Dance Practice (Audio)

    1. KeyCode Transmission - Alignment to Abundance

    2. Embodiment Ritual - Womb Wealth Activation

About this course

  • £333.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
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Nadia Hicks | Human Design Embodiment Coach

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Joanna Bellizzi Warren | Women's Coach

“I left with an open heart and a desire to build a more consistent practice and to infuse joy and gratitude into all aspects of my life and daily practice. Sophia is a truly unique leader who shows you that you have the power to shift your mind and heart in a way that is not rooted in struggle but grace. There are far too few ways for women to connect and seek the divine feminine wisdom of the Goddess, and to find such a program and teacher is a blessing. Sophia helps women build critical foundations for their spiritual lives. She guides you to realize that you have had the power to invite stillness, abundance, love, and success into your life. And really... What's more powerful than that? THANK YOU, Sophia! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!.”

Amy Morrison

“Sophia is amazing! I now understand that for me to be truly happy I need to feel my way through life and co-create through my soul and from source. From this moment forward I give myself permission to feel joy, gratitude and so much pleasure. I am hungry for more of this. I HIGHLY recommend for any woman to do any courses that Sophia runs in the future. ❤️ ”

Tanya Williams

“I feel truly grateful to have come across Sophia and her feminine artistry program. In 3 short videos, she helped me to awaken to my true feminine nature and set me on a path of creating from ease, trust, and pleasure. Listening to her felt more like remembering as I was continuously having aha moments that brought such clarity to what has caused me to struggle in the past. Immensely grateful for her wisdom and this offering. ”

Siera Jane Grace
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Lisbeth Hauge | Kunadlini Yoga Teacher

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Pavlina Jindrova | Feminine Mentor

Your Teacher

Sophia Le Page

Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach | Rebel Queen

Sophia is a Rebel Queen & Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach. She has dedicated the past 4 years to helping women around the world release Good Girl Guilt, recover from burnout, reclaim pleasure, revive their feminine radiance + create sustainable success as they rise into the next level of their Leadership. In her 30s, after burnout + a messy divorce, Sophia broke free from Good Girl programming, ignited her feminine magnetism + began leading herself from a place of desire. She traveled with Shamans, sat with Gurus, studied the Esoteric + Tantric Arts, + now lives in Bali, with her 2nd husband + 2 cat babies.